Thursday, April 21, 2011

My boys and their sports!!

Well since the last time I wrote (which by the way has been less than a month - I'm getting better), we have already had our first visit to the ER with Logan. We have been cheering along the Bulldogs all the way to the Final Four. Jon actually made the trip down to Houston to cheer them on and I stayed home with the boys. Well of course, the biggest game of the season for the Bulldogs and we were in the ER. I put Logan down for bed around 8 and went to check on him during half time and he was breathing very abnormally. He was wheezing and could barely get a full breath. And of course Jon was out of town and didn't have any cell phone reception in the arena. I didn't know what to do, but as the minutes passed on, it was getting worse. I had to wake Brayden up and take him with us to ER too. My mom called Joey and Heather (biggest Butler fans) and told them to meet us at the ER to help out. Thank goodness they came, I was so worried about Logan and they helped out with entertaining Brayden. Logan got a steroid breathing treatment right away and within 5 minutes or so he was breathing much better. Just scared the carp out of me that he wasn't breathing very well at all. The doctor almost calls it "asthma", but she doesn't want to label him that at this age. Poor little guy has a asthma inhaler already and still today is wheezing some on and off. But long story short, he is fine, just a brief scare.

After all that excitement of loosing the National Championship with Butler, it's on to the next sport in our house. Soccer, hockey, golf, basketball, - you name it is on our tv or someone is playing it. I've never seen a two year old obsessed with sports as much as Brayden is. His favorite if you haven't figured out from previous posts is hockey. The kids wakes up almost every morning asking to wear his hockey jersey and play hockey. B has tons of clothes and only prefers to wear the ones that have some association with hockey. Don't know where this obsession came from, but he's nuts about it. So we decided to take Brayden to a real Blackhawks game. We planned our weekend to coordinate with Uncle Jimmy and "Auntie" Kim coming in from Colorado. We haven't seen them in close to a year, so it was the perfect weekend to visit with family and then head onto the Blackhawks game. There are a ton of pictures below. We had an amazing weekend. We even got to re-celebrate Callie's first birthday. Her real birthday we had to miss because B was sick with 104 fever in April.

Logan today is 4 months old, wow time flies by so quickly when you have two. Logan's personality is emerging more and more everyday. He is very laid back, but you better believe that when he is hungry that bottle should have been made 5 minutes ago. He is starting to get some cute fat rolls on his thighs these days. His sleep patterns are all over the board these days. Last night he slept from 8 pm - 5 am, then the previous night he was up 4 times. We never know. He loves Brayden and gets a kick out of him all the time. B can make him smile in 2 seconds. He is oh so very close to rolling over. He HATES tummy time. He would rather watch what is going on than take a nap. And naps, that's another story, he is the king of 30 minute naps. I'm very curious to see how much he weighs in at his appointment next week because he is definitely getting a little chunky lately.

Enjoy the pictures and Happy Easter!!!

Dad and Brayden playing soccer

Then on to running bases

I told B to pack a bag of his favorite books to take on our trip to Chicago, well he emptied the whole bookcase. Notice he's wearing a hockey shirt.

On our trip to visit Family. This is the only picture I got of the three cousins together and not a single one of them is looking at the camera.

Uncle Jimmy and B building a tower

The boys playing soccer

B getting some tips on how to play soccer from Uncle Jimmy

Taking a little break with my boys

There is the pretty B-day girl, Ms. Callie!!!

"Auntie" Kim meeting Logan for the first time

Uncle Jimmy and Logan

Swimming with daddy

Blackhawks Game!!!

Serious concentration from a 2 year old at the game

B had a blast at the game

One exhausted kid after his first Blackhawks game

We were getting ready for work one morning and Jon tells me to go look at the boys. I went in the living room to see B feeding Logan his bottle. B tells me,"I get an allowance". I said an allowance, do you know what that is? B replies,"Yes, MONEY!". I asked what do you do with money. B, "Buy toys!" Boy this kid is learning early about money from his dad. Again you can't see his shirt all the way, but it's a blackhawks shirt that he used his "allowance" to buy.

Dying easter eggs, notice there's the hockey shirt again

School pictures were yesterday and yes I put them in matching shirts. I know that they will hate me for it someday, but I couldn't resist.

Since we went to the hockey game, B keeps asking for the "hockey song". It's the song they play after they score a goal. Here he is dancing to it in front of Logan, who is getting a kick out of it.

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