Thursday, April 21, 2011

My boys and their sports!!

Well since the last time I wrote (which by the way has been less than a month - I'm getting better), we have already had our first visit to the ER with Logan. We have been cheering along the Bulldogs all the way to the Final Four. Jon actually made the trip down to Houston to cheer them on and I stayed home with the boys. Well of course, the biggest game of the season for the Bulldogs and we were in the ER. I put Logan down for bed around 8 and went to check on him during half time and he was breathing very abnormally. He was wheezing and could barely get a full breath. And of course Jon was out of town and didn't have any cell phone reception in the arena. I didn't know what to do, but as the minutes passed on, it was getting worse. I had to wake Brayden up and take him with us to ER too. My mom called Joey and Heather (biggest Butler fans) and told them to meet us at the ER to help out. Thank goodness they came, I was so worried about Logan and they helped out with entertaining Brayden. Logan got a steroid breathing treatment right away and within 5 minutes or so he was breathing much better. Just scared the carp out of me that he wasn't breathing very well at all. The doctor almost calls it "asthma", but she doesn't want to label him that at this age. Poor little guy has a asthma inhaler already and still today is wheezing some on and off. But long story short, he is fine, just a brief scare.

After all that excitement of loosing the National Championship with Butler, it's on to the next sport in our house. Soccer, hockey, golf, basketball, - you name it is on our tv or someone is playing it. I've never seen a two year old obsessed with sports as much as Brayden is. His favorite if you haven't figured out from previous posts is hockey. The kids wakes up almost every morning asking to wear his hockey jersey and play hockey. B has tons of clothes and only prefers to wear the ones that have some association with hockey. Don't know where this obsession came from, but he's nuts about it. So we decided to take Brayden to a real Blackhawks game. We planned our weekend to coordinate with Uncle Jimmy and "Auntie" Kim coming in from Colorado. We haven't seen them in close to a year, so it was the perfect weekend to visit with family and then head onto the Blackhawks game. There are a ton of pictures below. We had an amazing weekend. We even got to re-celebrate Callie's first birthday. Her real birthday we had to miss because B was sick with 104 fever in April.

Logan today is 4 months old, wow time flies by so quickly when you have two. Logan's personality is emerging more and more everyday. He is very laid back, but you better believe that when he is hungry that bottle should have been made 5 minutes ago. He is starting to get some cute fat rolls on his thighs these days. His sleep patterns are all over the board these days. Last night he slept from 8 pm - 5 am, then the previous night he was up 4 times. We never know. He loves Brayden and gets a kick out of him all the time. B can make him smile in 2 seconds. He is oh so very close to rolling over. He HATES tummy time. He would rather watch what is going on than take a nap. And naps, that's another story, he is the king of 30 minute naps. I'm very curious to see how much he weighs in at his appointment next week because he is definitely getting a little chunky lately.

Enjoy the pictures and Happy Easter!!!

Dad and Brayden playing soccer

Then on to running bases

I told B to pack a bag of his favorite books to take on our trip to Chicago, well he emptied the whole bookcase. Notice he's wearing a hockey shirt.

On our trip to visit Family. This is the only picture I got of the three cousins together and not a single one of them is looking at the camera.

Uncle Jimmy and B building a tower

The boys playing soccer

B getting some tips on how to play soccer from Uncle Jimmy

Taking a little break with my boys

There is the pretty B-day girl, Ms. Callie!!!

"Auntie" Kim meeting Logan for the first time

Uncle Jimmy and Logan

Swimming with daddy

Blackhawks Game!!!

Serious concentration from a 2 year old at the game

B had a blast at the game

One exhausted kid after his first Blackhawks game

We were getting ready for work one morning and Jon tells me to go look at the boys. I went in the living room to see B feeding Logan his bottle. B tells me,"I get an allowance". I said an allowance, do you know what that is? B replies,"Yes, MONEY!". I asked what do you do with money. B, "Buy toys!" Boy this kid is learning early about money from his dad. Again you can't see his shirt all the way, but it's a blackhawks shirt that he used his "allowance" to buy.

Dying easter eggs, notice there's the hockey shirt again

School pictures were yesterday and yes I put them in matching shirts. I know that they will hate me for it someday, but I couldn't resist.

Since we went to the hockey game, B keeps asking for the "hockey song". It's the song they play after they score a goal. Here he is dancing to it in front of Logan, who is getting a kick out of it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's all about the hair...

Once again I find myself apologizing for not blogging in a long time. Life with two boys is crazy. We are slowly getting into a routine with the boys. Logan's collic has settled down a lot lately and is much more managable in the evenings. He also has been sleeping at night a lot better, which makes life for everyone a lot easier!! Logan is starting to show signs of his own little personality. He loves to smile and coo, especially at his brother Brayden. Brayden is still adjusting to life with Logan. He loves his brother and in the most sincere way. I propped Logan up on the couch a couple days ago to go and get something from the kitchen only to return to Logan being face planted on the couch. I asked Bradyen what happened and he said I just gave Logan a hug. He is very loving, but doesn't realize that he is ten times stronger and more powerful than Logan. So needless to say we can't leave Logan in the same room with Brayden without supervision.
Brayden laying on top of (I mean hugging) Logan. I just wish I knew what Logan was thinking here.

Brotherly Love
Ok, so I guess I should address the title of the post. Logan was blessed with a ton of hair at birth. In his short lived 3 months I don't think he has lost one strand of hair. Actually it keeps growing and growing. The big debate in our house lately was should we cut it or just let it grow it out. I wanted to grow it out, I figured he will have an opinion here shortly about his hair and I won't have a say in it, so here is my time to do what I want with it. Jon on the other hand wanted to cut it. Actually he wanted me to cut it, yeah right!! I guess after a few weeks of people saying what a cute girl and then we correct them they always respond with "that hair", we decided we needed to do something about it. Logan is debating too what should be done with his hair.

Look at the mullet he is sporting, and yes it totally goes down onto his shirt and curls back up.

Notice the side burns, they are all the way down to his chin. No wonder why people keep thinking he is a girl.

I gave in and decided that we should have it cut, but by a professional kids cutting place.

Logan sitting perfectly for his new do.

This little guy is overjoyed with his new haircut.

What a good looking guy!!! When they cut his hair they cut most of the dark baby hair to reveal this nice brown hair.

On a side note, go Butler!!! We have completely trained Brayden so when he sees any basketball on tv yells "Go Bulldogs"!! We sure hope they get two more wins this weekend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Life with 2 kids....

As you have seen, it has been a while since the last post. I seem to have my hands full all day with two kids and then when I have a minute to relax at night, I just want to sleep.

So let me quickly recap how the past month and a half have gone. Since the last time I wrote, things were going great with Logan, he was sleeping all the time. We felt like we didn't even have a second child. Then we hit the three week mark and all of a sudden everything changed. Logan became a completely different baby. He was a complete disaster, not sleeping at night and fussy all the time. I took him to the doctor because I thought something was wrong, but was informed, nope he is just a colic baby. Great!! We have tried several homeopathic things with him, but nothing really seemed to work with him. He has spats of crying / fussing starting around 6 at night, just when you are trying to get dinner and get Brayden into bed. He loves to be held and cries if you put him down. Needless to say my back is killing me because he is strapped into the carrier all the time.

I went back to work a couple weeks ago and that has been very hard. The first week I took Logan to work with me and he sat up in my front room since he was not old enough to go to daycare. He is now enrolled in daycare with Brayden and seems to be adjusting well. Brayden gets so excited that his brother gets to go to school with him everyday.

I hate to say that things are getting better with Logan because I don't want to curse things, but we are getting a little bit more sleep. We have had several nights were I have seen every hour taking care of Logan. It definitely makes for a long day at work.

Brayden has been loving having Logan around. Funny thing is that Logan sleeps for about 3 hours at a time at daycare, but only sleeps about 30 minutes at a time here because Brayden needs to "check" on him all the time and then somehow Logan is then up. Go figure.

Here are some pictures over the past month

"Stick'em up"

Aunt Lauren and Callie opening presents, we celebrated out last X-mast in early January

Brayden getting some energy out in the bounce house

Callie even tried out the bounce house with Brayden

Logan flashing us a smirk

Funny thing about this picture is that Brayden asked about a hundred times to hold Logan. We let him hold him and it literally lasted about two seconds before he completely let go.

Brayden sledding and braving the cold with daddy

Look how peaceful he looks sleeps, wish he would sleep like that at night!!

We had both grandmas come to the rescue and help take care of Logan so that I was able to get a little sleep, thank goodness for them!

Brayden just stretching out.

Logan at 1 month. We took pictures of Brayden with this teddy bear too, I will have to get them out and compare sometime.

Brayden had to get in on the fun of taking pictures too

Brayden has been pretty good getting acquainted with Logan, though he does try to "test" out all of Logan's things, here he is in the infant car seat

Several people with colic babies told us to put the car seat on the dryer and run it and he would sleep well. Wouldn't you know, it worked like a charm.

Logan just relaxing, he loves being on his tummy

We spent a lot of time in the bounce house getting some energy out since we have been snowed in

I guess we must be doing something right if we still get a big smile from him every once in a while
Happy Valentines Day!!! Glad I got to spend the day with all of my boys. Jon and I went on our first date 10 years ago today, what a wonderful ten years it has been.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....

First off a belated Merry Christmas to everyone out there and a Happy New Year!!! We were so excited to celebrate Christmas together as a family of four. Since I knew that I was getting induced on the 21st we didn't make any plans to go anywhere for the holidays. It was such a change to stay at home all day in our pj's and not have to travel anywhere. Don't get me wrong we had a great Christmas, but we did miss celebrating with all of our families. We just celebrated the past couple days with Jon's family and we still have to celebrate with my family next weekend. Brayden now thinks that Christmas last a month long!!

I didn't know how Brayden was going to take having Logan around here, especially right at the holidays too. But much to my surprise Brayden has been absolutely amazing with Logan and us. I didn't know if Brayden was going to be mad at us or the baby, but so far we have had no signs of him being upset at us or Logan. He has been very gentle with Logan and if he cries Brayden is the first one to run to Jon or I and tell us that Logan in crying. We even witnessed Brayden busting out into Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to help Logan stop crying, it was adorable!!

As for having a second child in the house we haven't really noticed at all. Logan is opposite as it comes from Brayden. Brayden was very alert all the time and was not a sleeper at all. Logan on the other hand we are lucky to see his eyes for about an hour a day. The rest of the time he is sleeping and he does his best sleeping when he is cuddled in someones arms. He eats about every 3 hours during the day and goes for about 4 hours at night. I am not going to jinx this, but so far so good!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple weeks, enjoy:

Brayden doing what he does best, playing hockey!

It's hilarious when he plays hockey he also has to wear his Blackhawks hat.

Jon holding Logan for the first time

Logan and Grandma Patty

Logan after he got his bath, the kid needs a serious haircut, look at the sideburns!!

Logan with Uncle Joey and "Aunt Heather"

Logan and Grandpa Dave

Logan during his brief awake time at the hospital

Logan and Grandma O.

My boys on Christmas Eve!! What a great Christmas present to be all together.

Brayden on Christmas morning taking a "picture" of Logan. Note that the camera is not angled at all towards Logan. It was hilarious to actually look at the pictures that he took, they were all of the floor or wall.

Brayden taking a picture of me, notice the camera angle again.

Daddy and Brayden having a sword fight with their peanut butter cups that Santa got them

So this picture is hilarious to me, Brayden wanted to help Jon take out the trash. Let's break down the outfit: Mickey mouse pj's, snow boots, one glove (he refuses to wear both at any time), hockey hat, and chocolate all over his face!!

After a long day of opening presents Logan and I crashed on the couch

Logan celebrating his first Christmas

Brayden was pretty obsessed that Logan wear his hat the first couple of days, then Brayden wanted to try it on.

Then we find Logan like this, Brayden decided that Logan should wear his hat.

Logan is a pretty deep thinker while he sleeps!!